Morality is basis of society

November 10, 2022

In his policy speech delivered at the Seventh Session of the 14th Supreme People’s Assembly of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said that the might of single-hearted unity?the invincible might of our style of socialism and the most powerful weapon of our state?should be further consolidated in ideology, purpose and moral obligation.

The development of society, that of a country, is brought about by the masses of the people who are responsible for it and the masses can display greater might only when they are united of their own accord and in moral obligation, not under any external coercion or from a sense of duty.

Morality is of importance in assessing personality.

Whoever is always courteous in work and life and faithful to his or her collective and comrades and values obligation is held in respect and affection anywhere.  

But whoever is morally unsound cannot be respected no matter how high his or her position is and no matter how much he or she knows. 

The same is the case with a country and a nation.

A country and a nation that have established sound moral traits and are courteous are sure to be praised by the world people but those that are morally base and corrupt can hardly avoid denunciation and criticism by history.

A country with a sound moral basis is a powerful one.

Moral traits cannot be substituted or supplemented even by huge economic or military power.

A country that is morally unsound is as good as a tree with rotten roots.

Now the DPRK boasts countless people who support the country with practice, not by words, those of noble personality who have been faithful to their occupations, sparing no pains, for decades if it were for the Party and the revolution and for the country and the people and have their children work at the labour-consuming workplaces to which they have dedicated themselves all their life.

And it is commonplace in the country to take great pride in taking sincere care of war veterans, marry honoured disabled soldiers, care more for others than oneself and dedicate oneself to the happiness of others.

Kim Ju Hyok, chairman of the Pyongyang Municipal Youth League Committee

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