Education of younger generation one of most important works in DPRK

March 13, 2023

There are schools with good educational conditions everywhere and children’s palaces and camps on scenic spots in the DPRK.

In those places ordinary students acquire broad knowledge and develop their talents according to their hobbies and aptitudes free of charge. 

The relevant expenses are fully borne by the state.

As to this, foreigners say, “Children in the DPRK are the fortunate born under lucky stars.”

There is an old saying that knowledge is power and treasure all your life.

That is why man regards learning as the greatest desire in his life.

The desire, however, can be realized only under special care and by institutional mechanism whereby it is fostered and developed.

In a free educational environment and under an advantageous socialist education system envied by every foreigner who has been to the DPRK, children are provided with the right to learn to their heart’s content and develop into talents and the right is defended by society and law.

It is the fruition of the policy of attaching importance to education pursued by the Workers’ Party of Korea which puts it forward as one of the most important works to give younger generation genuine education and train them into talents with love.

Education today is further highlighted as an important work decisive of the destinies of the country and nation. 

With the idea that education is the mother of science while science is an engine for economic development and the one of bringing about an educational revolution in the new century, the country is channelling greater efforts into education and the training of talents.  

The educational revolution in the new century put forward by the country is aimed at turning the country into an educational and talent power in the 21st century by training all young people and students into reliable pillars in building a powerful country and making all people well versed in science and technology.

In carrying out the revolution it is crucially important to strengthen secondary general education.

As only a tree with healthy roots bears good fruit, only good secondary general education which gives basic knowledge to students makes it possible to train talents better at universities and colleges and raise the levels of the working people’s overall knowledge and culture.

So the Sixth Session of the 12th Supreme People’s Assembly proclaimed the law on enforcing universal 12-year compulsory education in September 2012.

In fact it required huge investment to add another year to the period of the already enforced 11-year compulsory education.

The country, however, spares no money for the education of younger generations.

A great change has been made in education for over a decade since then.

The secondary general education system has turned into the one to raise students’ ability for practical application of knowledge, not merely the one to teach knowledge, and teachers’ qualifications have improved. And projects have rapidly been promoted to improve educational conditions and environments as required by the global trend in educational development and pedagogy. A well-organized technical senior middle school system has been established across the country and new uniforms, school things and satchels are supplied to all preschoolers and new students every year.

The educational revolution in the new century is more vigorously conducted across the country under the slogan “Let us make a leap forward by dint of science and guarantee the future by dint of education!”

Thus the younger generations grow up as comprehensively developed talents, pillars of socialist Korea, who are prepared politically and ideologically and are highly creative, morally sound and physically fit. 


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