Journey of devotion to people in 2022

January 11, 2023

2022 was a year of the worst national crisis when the DPRK was faced with health crisis coupled with natural disasters and the moves of hostile forces to isolate and stifle the country reached the extremes.

Despite all these difficulties in which the survival itself can be claimed to be a miracle, the country firmly guaranteed the personal safety of the people and boosted the national prestige to the utmost by stockpiling the strongest absolute power and the dreams and ideals of the people came true, appearing as innovative entities. Facing up to these eye-opening reality, the Korean people look back in cherished memory upon the journey of revolutionary leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who spent the days and months of devoted efforts for the good of the people all the year round.

At the Fourth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea in which the commencement of an all-people grand march to glorify 2022 as a watershed in the development of revolution was declared Kim Jong Un said we should wage a resolute struggle without a moment’s delay for the comprehensive development of socialist construction and for the great people and beloved rising generations and surely win it, and stood at the forefront of this grand march.

He visited the windy Ryonpho area in January last year to unfold a grand plan for the construction of a large greenhouse farm. He also attended the groundbreaking ceremonies of the Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm and the project for 10 000 new flats in Pyongyang and made historic speeches to encourage the builders to perform miracles and feats in the construction projects.

As he looked round the construction site of 10 000 flats in the Songsin and Songhwa area and the Pothong Riverside Terraced Houses District in Kyongru-dong nearing completion in March and April, he was very pleased that he could provide the working people with better houses again. In the run-up to the Day of the Sun he visited Songhwa Street and the terraced houses district to cut the ribbon for the completion of the projects and shared joy with the meritorious persons and their families who settled in the new luxury houses.

And he gave meticulous guidance as he came out to the training ground to make the military parade in celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army the most wonderful event in the history of military parades in the country so that it could fully demonstrate the absolute power and military and technical edge of the DPRK’s armed forces and a new phase of military art.

In May last year when an emergency happened as COVID-19 made inroads into the country, breaking a hole on the emergency anti-epidemic  front, he called the Eighth Meeting of the Political Bureau of the Eighth WPK Central Committee and issued an order to switch the state infectious disease prevention system to a top-level emergency anti-epidemic system, taking timely measures to rapidly reverse the unpleasant anti-epidemic situation.

He visited pharmacies where saleswomen who had just been cured of the infectious disease worked to personally examine the situation of the supply of medicines in the capital city, and learned about the supply and sale of medicines there. And he saw that officinal medicines of his family were sent to needy families.

During the 91-day-long anti-epidemic war, a hard time for the country, he examined and signed 1 772 documents on the national anti-epidemic campaign amounting to 22 956 pages. 

His mind was always on how to build the DPRK as a socialist power in the world and how to put the Korean people forward as the happiest one in the world. Thanks to his devoted efforts, a legal guarantee was provided to offer the best conditions for the upbringing of the rising generations, dream houses built across the country and model factories for the development of the local industry created in Kimhwa County with poor living conditions and weak economic foundations.  

The Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm, the largest greenhouse farm in the world, and houses for over 1 000 families were built in various styles in a matter of some 230 days since the groundbreaking to be presented as gifts to the people on the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the WPK. And the Orangchon Power Station, a large power production base in a northern area of the country, was built as a monumental edifice representative of the era of the Workers’ Party and the Taesongsan Ice Cream Factory as an asset of the people.  

He personally came out to the dangerous place for the test fire of a major strategic weapon to defend the national sovereignty and right to development and the dignity and position of a powerful nation and brought a great victory. And he legalized the state nuclear armed forces policy to more clearly express the independent decision of the DPRK government and its indomitable will to defend national rights and interests.

The year 2022 was indeed a memorable year which began with his superhuman energy and infinite devotion to exalt the national prestige and dignity of the DPRK to the world more proudly and firmly defend the happiness of the people and continued steadily with his determined practice to that end.


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