WPK’s view on agricultural development and its embodiment

October 31, 2023

Now is the harvest time in all rural areas of the country.

The Jungak Farm in Onchon County of Nampho City exceeded the peak-year level and its year-end account settlement and income distribution took place on the spot. And news about good crops is heard throughout the country.

A remarkable thing is the good news about bumper crops not only in flat areas but also in low-yield fields.

The first page of the October 18 2023 issue of Rodong Sinmun newspaper, the organ of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, carried an article entitled “High yield produced in the fields of remote mountain village”.

The article tells about a high yield the Sinsong Farm in Tokchon City surrounded by mountains in all directions has produced this year.

According to it, the farm is expected to produce 1.2 tons of more corn and 0.8 ton of more paddy rice per hectare than last year. When you go to paddy fields, valleys and plots, farmers express delight of having harvested better crops of rice and corn than last year.

Such reality is the brilliant embodiment of the view on agricultural development of the Workers’ Party of Korea which unfolded a grand blueprint of the rural revolution in the new century.

The WPK’s view on agricultural development is, in a word, to develop all the farms in all areas across the country simultaneously and in a balanced way. In other words, it means that all the agricultural production units, not confined to a few areas, farms and plots, should increase per-hectare crop yields to develop the country’s agriculture simultaneously.

The WPK fixed the achievement of the grain production target as the first and dominant goal in attaining the 12 major goals for national economic development at the plenary meetings of its Central Committee and took important measures to radically develop rural communities throughout the country.

Under the leadership of the Party, the country’s agriculture has witnessed radical progress, the zeal for doing scientific farming has grown and high-yielding farms, workteams, sub-workteams and farmers have increased in number.

Especially, the WPK has paid closer attention to shoring up farm villages which have produced poor crop yields due to the influence of disastrous abnormal climate and regional differences.

It is the WPK’s intention in the ongoing struggle for the overall development of socialism to make all the sectors advance 10 metres together, rather than getting any specific sector to go 100 metres ahead of others, so as to bring about the substantial development of the whole society.

When all the farmland of the country increases grain yields, irrespective of flat and mountainous areas in the agricultural sector, they can put the country’s agriculture on a track of stable and sustainable growth free from crop failure and bring about a radical change in the settlement of the people’s food problem.

It is very important to make all farms increase average per-hectare yields uniformly since the country has limited cropland, paddy and non-paddy fields in intermediary mountainous areas assume a large proportion and low-yield fields exist in flat areas.

Preferential measures were taken to release all the farms, which had got loans from the state but failed to pay them back in recent years, from the state loans and farming materials including fertilizers and vinyl sheets have been supplied to rural communities on a top priority basis and in time.

A large number of farm machines were provided to South Hwanghae Province, the large agricultural province of the country, last year and the projected readjustment and restoration of the irrigation systems were completed in the main this year. And substantial efforts were made to establish optimum agricultural guidance and management systems capable of scientifically and technologically guiding farming even at farms and workteams located in valleys. 

The whole country has turned out to assist the socialist countryside, true to the intention of the Party Central Committee, which identified the grain production goal as the first of the 12 important goals for national economic development. All the people render manpower and material support to farms, fully conscious of being responsible for farming together with farmers.

Thanks to the correct and wise leadership of the WPK, an era of radical change of the Korean countryside is coming closer day by day.


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