Society alive with campaign to overtake and learn from others and exchange experience with each other

September 28, 2023

It is a traditional method of work of the Workers’ Party of Korea to create a model and generalize it to bring about a constant upswing in the revolution and construction as a whole.

The Korean people in the Chollima era in the last century brought about epoch-making changes in the DPRK with one mind and purpose, with the advanced people leading the backward and the latter overtaking the former by redoubling their efforts.

In those days they joined efforts with the single desire to create happiness and build a paradise on their land and united more firmly with the same feeling of love for the country.

The work method peculiar to the WPK is now carried on as it has further developed into the aforesaid campaign taking place across the country.

In the new century, amid the relevant collective emulation drive, rural villages across the country have been spruced up with Samjiyon City as a model, local industry factories have changed for the better by modelling themselves on those in Kimhwa County, and the appearance of the country has improved in the golden age of the capital city construction.

In addition, with the whole country seething with popular heroism and enthusiasm for emulation, model units have been created in electric power, coal, metal, machine-building and light industry, agriculture, construction, scientific research, sports and all other sectors accompanied by a dynamic movement to overtake and learn from others and exchange experience with each other.

This year alone, the socialist patriotic movement for increasing coal production launched by the coal mine in South Phyongan Province for supplying coal to Jagang Province is rapidly expanding like wildfire to all other coalfields and workplaces across the country.

Taking their cue from the patriotic deeds of the workers at the coal mine, all sectors and units are now helping and leading each other forward, bringing about collective and joint innovations, and people’s ideological viewpoint and work attitude are changing.

The collectivist spirit has run through the mass movements representing the times and inspiring people in different annals of the Korean revolution.

The slogan "One for all and all for one!" representing this spirit reflects the noble spiritual world of the Korean people who have all glorified their patriotic life single-mindedly.

As a drive inheriting the collectivist spirit and various mass movements that brought about miracles in the past annals, the movement to overtake and learn from others and exchange experience with each other is a method of work that organically combines the method of creating and generalizing models and the collective emulation drive, and it serves as a powerful impetus for the building of a prosperous country in the DPRK at present.

It is the firm determination of the Korean people to dynamically propel the building of a thriving nation by further developing the tradition of the mass movement steadfastly carried on in each period of the revolution.


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