Socialism is a science

October 31, 2022

The socialist cause of the DPRK could win victory after victory for decades, which is unthinkable apart from the immortal contribution of Chairman Kim Jong Il who clarified the scientific accuracy and truthfulness of socialism.

From the late 1980s to the early 1990s socialism suffered a setback in several countries. When the tragic situation occurred, the imperialists and reactionaries of history clamoured for the “eternity” of capitalism, even trumpeting about the “end of socialism”. 

At this juncture, Chairman Kim Jong Il made public the immortal classic work Socialism Is a Science on November 1 1994 to deal a crushing blow to the imperialists and renegades of socialism.

In the work, he comprehensively analyzed and reviewed the course of historical development of the socialist ideal and socialist movement and clearly defined that genuine socialism and the most advantageous and vital socialism is man-centred, people-centred socialism.

In particular, he proved that in a society based on individualism class antagonism and inequality are unavoidably generated, accompanied by exploitation and oppression, independence of the masses of the people cannot be achieved and it can only be attained in socialist society based on collectivism, and that it is an inevitable course of historical development that a society based on individualism is transformed into the one based on collectivism.

It constitutes a new formulation of the socialist theory on the basis of the Juche idea, the man-centred revolutionary idea, by completely overcoming the limitations of the socialist theory based on the materialistic conception of history.

Kim Jong Il also expounded on the intrinsic advantages of socialism in his work. According to it, the intrinsic advantage of Korean-style socialism is that it is based on the Juche idea.

The Juche idea clarified that independence, creativity and consciousness are man’s intrinsic attributes and man, a social being, is the only master of the world and the most precious and powerful being.

Starting from such Juche-based view of and attitude to man, socialism of the DPRK makes everything serve the people and solves all problems by enhancing their creative role.

Therefore, the masses of the people take the position as masters of everything, fulfil their due responsibilities and role and lead the most worthwhile and happy life.

After that, the Chairman published many classic works to explain the validity, originality, great vitality and significance of the socialist idea and gave correct answers to the theoretical and practical problems arising in advancing the Korean revolution and the world socialist cause.   

The looks of the DPRK, which wins victory after victory and makes a leap forward, overcoming severe trials in the 1990s when sophism about the “end of socialism” spread, proves the inevitability of the victory of socialism as a science.   

Today, socialism has become the life of the Korean people and the mainstay of their faith. 

In the DPRK the afflicted areas where everything had been swept by flood and heavy rain were turned into ideal socialist villages and powerful measures taken to block the whole country for the safety of the people’s lives, ready to suffer huge economic losses. When COVID-19 made inroads into the country, officials from the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea to Party and government organs at all levels made their way and supplied medicines to the last family in the remote mountain village. And the production of school uniforms and supply of nutritious foodstuffs to children were high on the agenda of the Party Central Committee and luxurious dwelling houses and new streets were built wonderfully in succession and provided to the people for free. That’s why the Korean people call their socialist country “our home”.    

Now Korean socialism vigorously advances towards a brighter future, forming a single-minded unity of the leader, Party and people and enjoying absolute trust and support of the masses of the people.   


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