Protection of disabled guaranteed by law, system

May 9, 2023

The personality and rights of persons with disabilities are thoroughly guaranteed in the DPRK, thanks to the state’s policy and amid public interest.

The DPRK law on the protection of the disabled stipulates in detail that it fully ensures a stable and favourable living environment and conditions of the disabled in all fields of social life and thoroughly protects their rights.

Under the law, all the disabled persons are granted the equal rights with normal persons in all fields of social life including medical care, education, sports, culture, artistic activities and labour.

The Munsu Rehabilitation Clinic, the Korean Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disabilities and other modern rehabilitation treatment and research institutions for the disabled were organized and a well-knit production and supply system of essential auxiliary tools is in force for the disabled.

Schools for children with visual and speaking impairments, which have wonderfully been built in all parts of the country, offer abundant knowledge of nature and society to the disabled and help them develop aptitudes and talents.

The vocational technical school for the disabled teaches garment processing, IT, wood processing, musical instruments making, hair-cutting, beauty art and different fields of techniques.

The disabled persons are given stable jobs and living benefits from the state.

According to their intentions, aspirations, degree of disabilities, sex and constitution, they work in right places while being provided with good conditions for work and rest and rehabilitation treatment. Special importance is attached to their rehabilitation treatment and health in working places.

Accommodation at health resorts and holiday homes and medical treatment are offered to them on a preferential basis at scenic spots and they enjoy their remaining days without worries at healthcare centres and old people’s homes.

The Central Committee of the Korean Federation for the Protection of the Disabled conducts a variety of activities including rehabilitation treatment, improvement of vocational and living conditions for the disabled, special education and development of vocational education, and the survey of their situations and taking of necessary measures as well as different activities for social support, protection, publication and information through such organizations as the Korea Sports Association of the Disabled, the Korean Art Association of the Disabled, Korea Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disabilities and the Korea Economic and Cultural Centre for Deaf and Blind.

The federation attaches the greatest importance to translating the dreams and hopes of the disabled into reality.

Many persons with disabilities bring their talents into full bloom in the groups operated by the Korean Art Association of the Disabled and Korea Sports Association of the Disabled.

They touch the heartstrings of all people as they flaunt their amazing artistic talents and excellent game success in the international arena.

Artistic performances of the Pyongyang exchange group were given in the UK and France, while Korean players obtained excellent results at the 14th Paralympics.

Under the concern and care of the state and society, many persons of disabilities glorify their lives as writers and poets loved by people and Labour Heroes, the top honour of the DPRK citizens.


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