Primary mission of the WPK

March 17, 2023

There are many political parties in different countries of the world and they work to fulfil different missions.

The mission of the Workers’ Party of Korea is to firmly defend and hold the people in high esteem and provide them with every convenience to live a happy life.

Defence of people

The primary mission of a popular party is to defend personal safety of the people.

Now many refugees and migrants leave their native places to seek refugee from civil wars and manslaughter and global pandemic sweeps through the world. Here personal safety of the people should not be simply protected, but defended.

The true features of the WPK that leaves nothing to be desired to safeguard personal safety of the people, regarding their good health free from diseases as its great joy and source of energy, were fully demonstrated in the midst of the global public health crisis.

After paying sharp attention to the spread of the world pandemic from the outbreak, the DPRK took a preemptive and strong epidemic prevention measure to check the infiltration of the malignant novel coronavirus for two years and three months, setting a new longest record in history of epidemic prevention efforts. 

However, General Secretary Kim Jong Un repeatedly expressed his thanks to the people for having good health free from diseases in his speech at the WPK’s 75th anniversary celebration.

If it did not assume the mission to firmly defend the people, the DPRK could not have performed the surprising miracle of overcoming the threatening public health crisis it had faced for the first time since its founding in a matter of some 90 days.

Today it has built a powerful military strength with which to effectively defend the dignity and happiness of the people against any acts of aggression from the imperialists.

This can be claimed to be the greatest feat a sovereign state and ruling party can achieve for the people.

Cherished view

There are ups and downs in everyone’s life, but the WPK pays careful attention to and shows full sincerity for the people so that they live free from any slightest worry.

It values even one percent of good things, conscience of the people, even though they made serious mistakes or crimes, and leads them to make a fresh start. Thanks to its trust and love, those people, who fell behind the times to be forsaken by their blood relations in the past, start with a clean slate, feel pride of life and live a worthy life.

In the DPRK there are children who lost their parents, but no parentless children. The WPK has become their parents, builds baby homes, orphanages and primary and middle schools for orphans throughout the country and shows parental love for them.

People often say that natural disasters are unavoidable.

But the WPK, which makes the impossible possible if it were for the people, does not leave them to suffer from natural disasters. 

It takes on it as its top priority task to bring the people’s life in the afflicted areas to normalcy, with the result that wonderful new houses spring up one after another in the disaster-stricken areas and flood victims are provided with food, medicines and daily necessities properly.

It is no accident that the Korean people call the WPK their motherly party.

Full responsibility, devotion

It is the decision of the WPK to make the people enjoy an affluent and cultured life in the near future.

The construction of 50 000 flats in Pyongyang which goes full steam ahead according to the five-year plan until 2025 and the Jungphyong and Ryonpho greenhouse farms which were built creating another construction legend are all parts of it.

In February groundbreaking ceremonies took place for the construction of 10 000 flats as the second-stage construction project in the Hwasong area, the Kangdong Greenhouse Farm and a new street in the Sopho area of Pyongyang.

Besides, many things have been planned and resolutely implemented in the DPRK for the comprehensive development of socialism and improvement of the people’s living standards including the ambitious projects for rural development in the new era under the plan of the WPK and its correct leadership.

It is not an easy job to successfully push ahead with them all in the face of acute confrontation with the hostile forces and the grave world health crisis.

The WPK, however, has taken full responsibility for them and redoubles efforts, regarding the pains it takes for the people as its joy and pleasure.

Like mother who finds her great pleasure and happiness in the resuscitation of her beloved children after saving them by dedicating her all.


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