Socialism, lifeline of Korean people

November 14, 2022

Amid a dynamic struggle for victory of socialism, the Korean people have greeted the anniversary of the publication of Chairman Kim Jong Il’s work Socialism Is the Lifeline of Our People.

The work is a talk the Chairman had with senior officials of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea on November 14 1992.

At that time the imperialists and reactionaries were resorting to every conceivable scheme to stifle the DPRK advancing under the guidance of the Party and the leader and under the banner of socialism.

As to the prevailing situation, the Chairman stressed in the talk that the more desperate the enemy become in their moves, the higher we must hold the banner of socialism, so that we can frustrate their counterrevolutionary offensive with a revolutionary offensive. 

Whether the Korean people would enjoy an independent and creative life as masters of the state and society or suffer humiliation and contempt as slaves hinged on their successful defence of socialism, he said, adding that defending and advancing the socialist cause demanded that the Juche idea be fully applied in all fields of the revolution and construction.

The Juche idea is the ideological foundation of socialism and the sole guideline in the revolution and construction. Korean-style socialism is advancing victoriously, undeterred by the unmitigated, nefarious manoeuvres of the imperialists and reactionaries, because it is based on and guided by the Juche idea.

That is why socialism is the lifeline of the Korean people, while the Juche idea is the lifeline of socialism.

In the work the Chairman explained the important matters in defending and glorifying socialism, for example, further consolidating the single-hearted unity of the leader, the Party and the masses and bringing home to Party members and other working people the validity and advantages of the socialist cause.

The validity and vitality of his work were proved through practice.

In the new century of the Juche era alone, bold measures were taken to stabilize the life of flood victims even by using up its coffers and firmly defended its people’s lives and safety in the face of the global health crisis. Thus the country could remain free from the malignant virus for the longest time in the world and completely wiped out the infiltrated malignant infectious disease in a little over 90 days. This fully demonstrated the advantages and might of Korean-style socialism which upholds the people as heaven and devotedly serves them.

Therefore, socialism is not merely an ideological and theoretical concept, but life to the Korean people, everything indispensable to their life. So they devotedly fight for a greater victory in the socialist cause. 


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