True colours of ‘human rights champion’

January 5, 2023

The United States describes itself as a “welfare and equal society for all” at every opportunity.

But the reality is just the opposite.

According to the December 14 2022 issue of The Wall Street Journal, anti-Semitism cases across the country amounted to 2 717, or a 34% increase up against 2020 and a record high since 1979 when the survey began.

Demolition, threat, abuse and other hostile acts against Jewish students on college campus numbered 155 cases in 2021, or three times greater than 47 in 2014.

Such hate crimes as threat, assault and violence against others amounted to 5 781 in 2021, American CBS reported, adding that they are rooted in racial and tribal prejudice, sexual bias and religious reasons.

Racial discrimination and maltreatment are rampant across the country.

The murders of black people by white policemen are a typical example.

A video clip was opened to the public, showing a white policeman intentionally releasing a dog to bite a black man in the course of arresting him in an area of Missouri in September 2021.

As was known, American people staged anti-racist demonstrations in every part of the country, outraged by the murder of a black man by a white policeman in Ferguson City of Missouri in August 2014 and the anti-human rights measure of the judiciary authorities who passed a decision of not guilty. Nevertheless, racial antagonism worsens as the days go by.

For no other reason than their skin colour, black Americans are subjected to all sorts of discrimination and contempt of whites and fall prey to white policemen’s hunt. They are in such a miserable plight. And still worse, although more and more black people are being killed by police on false charges year after year, 99% of the killers are going off scot-free.

Coloured people are being frequently insulted and assaulted and their lives are threatened in shops, restaurants and other public places.

Natives are also being frequently subjected to violent crimes.

Hate crimes targeting Asian-Americans have been on an explosive increase in the US since COVID-19 broke out.

According to a report released by the Chinese Association for Human Rights Studies on April 15 last year, racist assaults against people of Asian origin are ever worsening and racism is rampant in America amid the global health crisis. The main cause is the antagonistic relationship between races, fabrication of racism by politicians over the spread of the pandemic and the restriction by the brand that those of Asian origin are “typical descendants of ethnic minorities”.

An opinion poll published in the country on November 16 last year showed that more than 80 percent of black and African-Americans assert discrimination rampant in public health, finance and other fields is rooted in systematic racism and 62 percent of whites also believe so.

The society where extreme misanthropy and contempt for human beings prevail is just the United States styling itself a “human rights champion”.


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