Strategy for security or war?

January 5, 2023

The wild ambition for reinvasion of the Japanese militarist maniacs has now reached a level that can no longer be overlooked.

On December 16 last year, the Japanese authorities officially adopted three security-related documents including new “national security strategy” which would serve as guidelines for diplomatic and security policy in the coming ten years.

The gist of the “security strategy”, which has been revised for the first time since 2013, is to possess the "capability for attacking the enemy base" (counteroffensive capabilities) and double the defence-related budget within five years.

This shows that Japan completely abandoned the principle of “exclusive defence”, which had been maintained while studying the faces of international community after its defeat, and provided political foundations for fighting a war of aggression.

Is this strategy for security or war?

This reflects the reckless wild ambition of the Japanese militarists who have pushed the preparations for aggressive war under the veil of “defence” while pursuing war policies under the signboard of “peace”.

This notwithstanding, the Kishida cabinet argued impudently that Japan remains unchanged in its major policy that it would not become a military giant while being engrossed in “exclusive defence” as a “pacifist state”.

It is illogical for the Japanese reactionaries to talk about a “pacifist state” while openly drawing up documents stating that they would possess war capability by spending huge money as military expenditure and mount a preemptive strike on other countries, and releasing them.

What is more serious is that they, like a thief crying "Stop thief!", say their military expansion is aimed at containing the military buildup of China and the DPRK.

Japan is scheming to set up a comprehensive anti-air and missile defence system in collusion with the US, massively purchase the US-made Tomahawk cruise missiles and further strengthen military tie-up.

It is behaving quite recklessly to bring the dark clouds of war again in the Asian continent with the backing of the US.

A spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Japan has entered the road of militarization uncontrollably and that this would result in the aggravation of tensions in the Asia-Pacific region. 

China’s Xinhua news agency quoted an expert as saying that the security-related documents of Japan signify a big turnaround in its defence policy, that they might give up “exclusive defence” and actually decide on the enforcement of “preemptive strike strategy” and that this constitutes a grave threat to every nation in East Asia and is nothing but a kind of “neo-militarism”.

Even Japanese media are publishing lots of articles criticizing the bellicose policy of the authorities under such titles as “Japan can never be called a pacifist country” and “The sound of footsteps of war heard from Japan”.

Far from drawing a lesson from their history of aggression, the Japanese reactionaries are recklessly trying to repeat the past crime, which will lead to the ultimate destruction of the island nation.


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