For development of Non-Aligned Movement

August 25, 2023

The DPRK was admitted to the Non-Aligned Movement on August 25 1975 with a sense of noble duty for the cause of global independence.

It was the clear expression of absolute support and solidarity of the non-aligned countries and world peace-loving forces to and with the DPRK that had indomitably advanced under the banner of independence against imperialism and a brilliant fruition of the country’s independent and peace-loving foreign policy.

The DPRK has since been faithful to the main ideal and principle of the movement.

Despite manifold and harsh trials and difficulties, it has advanced along the road consistent with independence and justice and made positive efforts to realize fair international relations and friendship, cooperation and unity between the non-aligned countries.

By scientifically seeing through the law governing the development of the times and history, urgent requirements of the Non-Aligned Movement and common aspiration of the progressives, President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il put forward the immortal ideological theories and policies in each period, thus making great contributions to the expansion and development and victorious advance of the movement. 

It is of great significance in building an independent world to strengthen and develop the movement in conformity with the intentions and demands of all countries and nations of the world aspiring to independence.

Today, many countries reject practices of seeking domination and hegemony and aspire to global independence.

On the other hand, the domination-seeking forces are blocking the trend of the independent era while maintaining and expanding their aggressive military blocs. NATO is accelerating its expansion toward the east and the appearance of AUKUS and Quad is driving the military and political situation in the Asia-Pacific region to the red line.

And the high-handedness and arbitrariness of the imperialist and hegemony-seeking forces are causing endless incidents undermining peace and stability and violating sovereignty of different countries and regions across the world.

The reality requires that the Non-Aligned Movement play its role more satisfactorily.

The non-aligned countries should unite under the banner of independence against imperialism for their common cause and struggle to realize international justice.

It is the firm stand of the DPRK to invariably hold fast to the principle of the movement and make a positive contribution to strengthening and developing the movement under the ideals of its foreign policy, that is, independence, peace and friendship. 

As in the past, the DPRK will keep holding high the banner of independence and fully play its role in the struggle for global independence.


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