If it so much wants safety of its islands, Japan is best advised not to get on our nerves

November 25, 2022

Recently, a touch-and-go situation was created on the Korean peninsula due to the frantic war drill conducted by the US and south Korea.

In the face of the prevailing situation, our army created a stable security climate by blowing away the thick clouds of war cast over the skies of the Korean peninsula and the region by the mode of countermeasure peculiar to Juche Korea.

What cannot be overlooked is that Japan threw down the gauntlet to us, falling in with the US and south Korea in their reckless military provocation.

That “F-35B” stealth fighters from the US military base in Iwakuni of Japan took part in the recent combined air drill shows that Japan practically joined the aggressive war drill aimed at us.

Nevertheless, the prime minister, chief cabinet secretary and minister of defense again ran amuck, slandering in chorus our military countermeasures as “violence”, “provocation”, “threat” and so on.

Japan denounces all of our self-defensive military counteractions carried out to eliminate the immediate military threats as a threatening “provocation” while describing their aggressive military exercises as those for “deterrence”.

Such an illogical assertion constitutes an open provocation to the sovereignty of our state.

This reminds us of the Korean war in 1950s when Japan committed a crime of offering its whole islands to the US army as bases for logistics, sorties and supply.

Japan’s malicious provocation to our state would make it fall into a bottomless mire and put the life security of its people into jeopardy.

If Japan so much wants safety of its islands, it is best advised not to be a target by itself and not to provoke us.

Min Kyong Mu, researcher at the Institute for Studies of Japan, DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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