Desperate attempt to hide massacres of Koreans in Japan

November 24, 2022

Recently, Tokyo Metropolis of Japan prohibited the screening of a video dealing with the massacre of Koreans committed at the time of the great Kanto earthquake, at an exhibition.

The governor of the metropolis justified the prohibition, asserting that the video "does not match the purport of the exhibition".

This is a manifestation of the sinister intention to cover up Japan's past crimes at any cost and stir up extreme chauvinism against the Korean nation that took root in Japanese society.

Historically, Japan had committed untold crimes against the Korean nation. Among them is the massacre of Koreans committed with the earthquake that hit the Kanto area embracing Tokyo, Yokohama and others on September 1 1923 as an occasion. This atrocity is shocking the world people even now.

At that time, the Japanese authorities misled the public into believing that the quake was caused by Koreans, and cooked up the "rumour that Koreans were planning a riot". Not content with this, they ordered samurais to kill all Koreans without reference to age and sex walking on roads or hiding in houses and other places.

Not only the army and the police but also the vicious servile organizations such as the "vigilante corps" and "young people's corps" of Japan were involved in the mass killings. Consequently, as many as over 23 000 innocent Koreans were brutally massacred in a little over ten days.

The bloody mass slaughter against humanity was not a spontaneous accident or individual terrorism planned by some high-ranking officials but a product of the Japanese government's out-and-out policy of exterminating the Korean nation.

They made the whole of Japan a theatre of massacres of Koreans in the last century with the great Kanto quake as an opportunity. Such hysterics of the brutes against other nation has been inherited by their descendants in the new century, too.

When great earthquakes hit Kumamoto of Kyushu in succession in April 2016, the Japanese reactionaries spread the rumours that “a Korean in Kumamoto poured poison into the water well” and “the Japanese in Kumamoto should take precautions against a riot of Koreans" in an attempt to create a climate of the past horrible mass killings.

Witnessed in Japan were incidents of firing a pistol at the Central Hall of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) and destroying a Korean kindergarten in Tsurumi, the unfair discrimination in applying the tuition-free program for senior high schools and the "program for free education and upbringing of children", the measure taken by the Saitama City authorities to forbid the distribution of masks to Korean kindergarteners, and the fascist outrages committed against the institutions of Chongryon and Koreans in Japan over the DPRK's just self-defensive measure. All those facts go to prove that the Japanese reactionaries' inveterate hostility towards the Korean nation has reached an extreme.

The Japanese reactionaries are the Korean nation’s sworn enemy who pile up crimes against it, far from apologizing for and reflecting on their disgraceful past crimes.

The disgusting hysterics of the hateful enemy further hardens the will of all Koreans to settle accounts with Japan.


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