Schools turn into crime scenes--human rights tragedy of America

November 20, 2022

Even the sacred alma mater, an object for expressing a feeling of thanks, is now turning into a bloodstained killing ground. This is the tragedy of the US human rights situation.

The US once again recorded a horrific shooting incident on October 21, in which an armed hooligan broke into a classroom of art high school in Missouri and fired at random, killing a 61-year-old teacher and a 16-year-old female student and injuring seven students.

The police investigation said the criminal is a graduate from this school.

This incident is the 40th of shooting crimes on campus this year. They resulted in the death of 34 people with 88 people injured.

Gun-related crime on campus which occurs as daily happenings in the US is only part of gun-related crimes rampant in its society.

Between 2019 and 2020, the death rate of children and adolescents from gun-related crimes in the US has increased by 30%. In 2021 alone, the death toll of children and adolescents reached 5 692.

Even the US survey agency Gallup acknowledged that more than half of the Americans feel reluctant to send their children to schools for fear of gun-related crimes on campus. This is telltale evidence showing the seriousness of the situation.

Nevertheless, the US habitually finds faults with other countries over their human rights situation at will and misuses the human rights issue as a tool for interfering in the internal affairs of others.

It is quite natural that many countries of the world are mocking and deriding the US, a kingdom of crime, which, to the surprise of everybody, remains indifferent to the dismal state at home.

The US, the kingdom of all crimes and the world’s biggest obliterator of human rights, has long lost its right to argue on the matters of human rights of other countries.

Ri Jin, researcher at the Korean Association for Human Rights Studies

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