Why is the Pacific not pacific?

November 12, 2022

There are two countries in the Pacific, which struggle to muddy its waters even though they live on its water and air.

On October 22, Japan and Australia made a joint declaration on cooperation in security.

The main contents of this joint declaration are on cooperation in various fields including military, information, cyber security and outer space. Even at a cursory look, this implicates the forming of a new military alliance. And it is clear to all that it would bring harm to the already perilous regional security.

Moreover, Japan and Australia are all members of the “Quad”, and Australia is also a member of the “Five Eyes” and “AUKUS”.

It is too obvious that this joint declaration, the core of which is cooperation in military, information, cyber security and outer space, will bring a qualitative change to “Quad”, and signifies the creation of the “Five Eyes +1”, and will increase the risk of nuclear proliferation in the region.

What kind of disaster would be brought to the regional security when such exclusive and confrontational military alliances are expanded and strengthened is well evidenced by the prevailing Ukrainian crisis.

A principal enemy is not clearly specified in the joint declaration which was made after discussing the issue of coping with so-called China’s advance to the sea by the authorities of the two countries related with the US-led alliances against China.

However, it is universally acknowledged that it was all pursuant to the strategy of the US seeking to contain the growing clout of China and secure world hegemony under the specious name of “free and open Indo-Pacific”.

Regional peace and security can only be created by exchange and cooperation, mutual understanding and trust-building, not by “cooperation in security” which is done by dancing to the tune of somebody.

Kang Un Song, commentator on international affairs

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