Perpetrators of crimes against humanity are bound to face severe punishment by history: KCNA commentary

June 28, 2024

The Ukrainian military gangsters committed an inhuman crime of killing civilians by attacking Sevastopol City of Russia with US-made ATACMS missiles tipped with cluster bombs on June 23.

It is not the first time for the puppet Zelenskiy clique to perpetrate such a terrorist attack against civilians.

Since the outbreak of the Ukrainian crisis, the Kiev puppet regime has committed such crimes against innocent civilians hundreds of times by striking civilian facilities in Belgorod Region, Kursk Region and other parts of the Russian territory with lethal weapons supplied by the US and other Western countries.

What cannot be overlooked is the fact that the Zelenskiy puppet clique carried out the above-said bloody attack right after its American master lifted the restrictions on its use of US-made weapons for the attack on the Russian territory.

Some days ago, the national security adviser of the White House openly said that Kiev can use US-supplied weapons to hit any Russian forces attacking from across the border, adding "it is not about geography but about common sense."

The US Department of Defense betrayed its true colours as an instigator of murder by asserting that Ukrainian forces can use US-supplied weapons to strike any Russian forces not only in Kharkov Region near border but also in other parts of the Russian territory for their legitimate self-defense.

The US, which had come up with such hoodwinking restrictive conditions as "for enabling Ukraine to defend itself" and "with a guarantee of not attacking the targets in the Russian territory" when supplying weapons to the Zelenskiy puppet regime, "allowed" Ukraine to strike some parts of the Russian territory earlier. This time the allowed scope of strike has been expanded to cover "any target" and the "whole territory" of Russia.

The US has finally granted the Ukrainian puppets the right to unlimited use of US-supplied weapons. This is little short of its official "order of massacre" to the puppets faithful to its strategy for hegemony and its declaration of outright confrontation with Russia.

The recent atrocity, perpetrated with the bombs banned by international law and long-range weapons offered by the US, was an intentional "murder by contract" premeditated by the US. And this clearly proves that they have gone to extremes in their anti-Russia hysteria.

Russia's stronger response for safeguarding the national interests and lives and security of its citizens is a just right to legitimate self-defence never to be refuted by anyone.

Those who unhesitatingly issued an "order to kill" innocent civilians and the mad terrorists will be surely forced to pay dearly for the hideous crime.

The inhuman murderers and destroyers of peace can never escape stern punishment by history.


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