Might of patriotism and unity constitutes foundation and motive force for national rejuvenation

June 8, 2024

It is the unanimous aspirations of every country and nation to become a powerful country. 

But it is not accomplished easily of its own accord.

As a firm foundation and force are needed to construct a building, there should be a solid foundation and motive power of advance to build a powerful national entity.

The people are the foundation for a state and the direct developer of it. And unity is just a cornerstone of the existence of the state and the might of patriotism displayed by the people is the motive force for the construction of a powerful country.

In retrospect, our revolution has steadily advanced toward a thriving socialist nation while overcoming difficulties and ordeals of history by dint of patriotism and unity through a protracted struggle.

The road toward a powerful state we have followed has been a course of steady and faster progress in the face of difficulties and a journey on which the might of patriotism and unity of all the people has been boosted day by day.

In the new century of the Juche era when the DPRK suffered unimaginably countless difficulties, our people have thwarted the vicious provocations of hostile forces, overcome natural disasters and an unheard-of health crisis, which can be claimed to be the greatest turmoil since its founding, on the strength of patriotism and unity, created a new spirit of the times one after another with their irresistible might and vigorously ushered in a new era of overall national rejuvenation.

The might of patriotism and unity is the unlimited motive force to bring earlier the future of a powerful nation.

This is truth proved by the past history of our revolution.

As all the people struggled in unity with the ennobling view of life and the ardent patriotic spirit of living not merely for today but for tomorrow, they could invariably uphold the banner of socialism and pave the way for the building of a powerful country in the face of vicious moves of imperialist reactionaries to isolate and stifle the country at such hard times.

The plan of our Party has been translated into a brilliant reality in the arduous and worthwhile struggle and the people’s trust and confidence in the Party have become firmer.

Today, our people are unsparingly devoting their strength, wisdom and enthusiasm to the sacred patriotic cause of building a thriving socialist country, under the slogan “Unite on the strength of patriotism!”

The bright future of a powerful state will be brought earlier along with the vigorous struggle of our people, who are rushing toward a prosperous future, united firmly on the strength of patriotism.                                   

Kim Jong Chol, section chief of the Academy of Social Sciences

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