Progress of women, protection of women’s rights encouraged

March 22, 2023

In their efforts for the progress of women and the protection and promotion of their rights around the world, many countries marked March 8 International Women’s Day significantly. 

The Cuban President, along with parliamentary candidates of Santa Clara, met with women workers and pensioners, housewives and young women in the city on March 9 and said that the constitution, criminal procedure code and family law existing in Cuba and the national plan for promoting women’s rights reflect the government’s political will to protect the Cuban women’s rights and denounce all violence targeting women. 

The Venezuelan President addressing an event held in a stadium in Caracas to mark International Women’s Day declared the creation of the “great Venezuelan women mission” initiative that integrates all social measures for women. 

The future, victory and welfare of the nation depend on women, he said, adding the soon-to-be-launched initiative will include all social preference and protection and support measures ranging from the protection of parturient mothers and feeding and upbringing of babies to parental education programs, prevention of violence against women and labour and social security rights.

The Algerian President in a banquet held on the same occasion presented state commendations and bouquets to female doctors and professors and other women working in various positions.

The President of the Democratic Republic of Congo in a meeting with women held in the national assembly building called for putting an end to the unequal and secondary status of women and building a more impartial society. 

The Byelorussian President conferred state decorations on meritorious women in different fields.  

The DPRK also marked International Women’s Day with significant events. 

As women are regarded as legitimate masters of society, the Korean women are called flowers of the times and the country under the benefits of the socialist system and put their heart and soul into the work for the country and the people. 

They not only exercise the same rights to work as men but also are fully provided with the right to development in society.

Ordinary working women like weavers become labour innovators and heroines and are elected as deputies to organs of state power at all levels including the Supreme People’s Assembly under the warm care of society and the collective. The socialist law on public health ensures that when a woman gives birth to a baby, relevant medical establishment shall take responsible care of the woman’s health by offering safe and effective medicines and treatment techniques. The medical establishment and relevant institutions, enterprises and organizations have an obligation to pay close attention to the health of pregnant women and nursing mothers and look after the health of the mother and children. The women who gave birth to triplets or quadruplets can have a household doctor and are given special privileges and benefits like the provision of a fine dwelling house and supply of medicines, foodstuffs and daily necessities free of charge.

On March 8, a variety of performances and sports and amusement games were held and public catering amenities across the country provided special holiday services for women.


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