President Xi calls for preparing children as builders of socialism, reserves

June 6, 2023

Chinese President Xi Jinping visited a school in Beijing on May 31 on the occasion of International Children’s Day and had a talk with its teachers and students.

It is necessary to train students not to leave anything to be desired in terms of ideology, faith, morality and characters, knowledge and intelligence and physical and mental qualities, he said.

Describing childhood and youth as golden periods in enhancing physical qualities, he said that physical training is the most effective way to boost physical strength of boys and other children.

As vast knowledge and logic are acquired through labour and life, leading children to have a correct sense of labour, form a habit of working and improve working abilities from their childhood helps them better acquire knowledge, he noted.

He expressed his hope that students would contribute to achieving China’s self-reliance and self-development in science and technology by fostering from their childhood an aspiration to innovate science and technology and make the country prosperous and striving to be young scientists at present and famous scientists in the future.

Teachers play a pivotal role in training talents, Xi said, adding that broad sections of teachers should keep in mind their original intention and sense of mission of bringing up talents for the Party and state and follow the examples of the people’s educators in possessing excellent characters and conducting instruction and edification.


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