African nations determined to spur independent economic development

December 23, 2022

African countries are making positive efforts to achieve sustainable economic development by themselves. 

Referring to the building of the country’s self-supporting economy, the Ugandan president recently stressed the necessity to ensure production and supply of car batteries by its own efforts. He emphasized that the national resistance movement of Uganda laid it down already in the 1970s as one of the most important articles in its action programme to develop the country’s economy into a self-supporting one in the future. Given the country has built an electric bus assembly factory and produces electronic car and other vehicles on its own, batteries for the electric vehicles should also be produced with local efforts, he noted. The country is rich in raw material resources, he said, adding that what matters is to dispel the illusions about imported goods and completely forbid the import of batteries needed for electronic cars. 

Nigeria is directing efforts to the development of science and technology for socio-economic progress while reducing its dependence on imported products. 

The executive director of the national science and engineering infrastructure management bureau of Nigeria said that the country made sure that it imported essential infrastructure facilities from other countries as little as possible and pushed ahead with the development of its machine-making capacity which is important in promoting the country’s industrial growth and ensuring the sustainability. The bureau is establishing international partnerships in the field of science and technology related to the country’s socio-economic progress, he added. 

According to the Nigerian newspaper Vanguard dated December 7 2022, the government set out an advanced irrigation project for seasonal farming and tractors are being recycled, repaired and reused on a nationwide scale.   


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