Africa works toward regional progress, prosperity

August 19, 2022

Now, African countries work hard to develop their economies by their own efforts.

The Angolan government plans to realize self-sufficiency in food by increasing state investment in the agricultural development.

Recently it approved the investment of fund in the agricultural sector as part of an effort to increase grain production in the 2022-2027 period at the Cabinet meeting.

Divided into two stages, the agricultural investment plan will reportedly be implemented mainly in the eastern region with vast stretches of farmland, rich water resources and favourable weather conditions.

The government plans to build 10 000 field schools to disseminate agricultural production technology and knowledge in the rural areas in the coming five years.

It also completed an oil refinery with a daily refining capacity of over 1.5 million litres recently for the purpose of reducing its dependence on oil imports as well as food. It intends to build a large oil refinery which will enable the country to become self-sufficient in oil in a few years.

The South African government steps up the building of low-carbon economy to prevent climate change and attain sustainable growth of its economy.

On July 6, the Presidential Climate Committee promulgated a law on building a low-carbon economy.

The South African President said realistic and scientific low-carbon economy will be the country’s future economic structure as it makes it possible to minimize damage to be caused by the decrease in the use of fossil fuel and guarantee long-term progress of its economy.

And the South African government plans to build a large solar farm to ease the power shortage. It will reportedly be equipped with 540 000kw capacity solar panels and 225 000kw capacity charging facilities and supply 150 000kw momentary power for 20 years.

The Rwandan government sees nuclear science and technology as an important factor in boosting various fields including energy, public health, security and space and strives to lay the foundations for utilizing them for peaceful purposes in promoting the country’s economic growth and reforming the economy.

African countries encourage close cooperation between nations to achieve continental prosperity and unity.

South Africa promotes cooperation with various countries.

On July 22, the presidents of South Africa and Cote d’Ivoire discussed the issue of concluding several agreements on developing bilateral relations and promoting economic cooperation and signed six additional agreements.

Shortly ago, the second meeting of the Uganda-South Africa joint committee for bilateral cooperation was held in Kampala, Uganda, in 10 years. It discussed the issues of stimulating mutual prosperity through trade, investment and tourism.

Cote d’Ivoire concluded an agreement on agricultural cooperation with Egypt, the second largest rice producer in Africa, on July 23.

African countries will continue to direct efforts to achieving regional development and prosperity in the future.


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