Protection of children’s rights important task facing all nations

November 20, 2023

When it comes to human rights, the first to be counted is the rights of the child.

It is not only because the protection of the children’s rights is an important matter related to the development of the country and nation and the future of mankind, but also because children are the object of special protection in families, society and the state.

Therefore, people usually say that if you want to know the progressive nature of a society, please see the children.

The 44th Session of the UN General Assembly held in November 1989 adopted the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child with the aim of carrying on necessary work such as changing the social attitude towards children and finding solutions to the protection of children’s rights.

The largest number of countries have so far signed the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child of all international agreements on human rights, but ill practices of flagrantly violating the human rights of the children have not yet been eliminated in different parts of the world.

Lots of children suffer from hunger, diseases and lack of education and are subjected to flesh trafficking and forced labour.

In developed countries, too, children are the targets of family maltreatment and social violence and they are kidnapped and murdered almost every day, causing growing social unrest.

More tragic is the plight of children in the disputed areas engulfed in the vortex of war. The Gaza Strip under the devastating attack of the Israeli forces is now turning into a grave of children.

But the children’s happy laughter reverberates in the DPRK, which administers the politics of loving younger generations and the future, regarding them as the king of the country.

Under such politics of the DPRK government, the universal 12-year compulsory education system is now in force and all children learn to their heart’s content and grow up happily, being provided with new school uniforms and school things at the state expense every season. The state makes enormous investment to improve educational conditions and environment every year and provide schoolchildren with excellent conditions for extracurricular activities by building schoolchildren's palaces and children's camps throughout the country.

A well-regulated health system which takes responsible care of the children is in operation from the capital to local areas. And an important policy on providing the children with nutritious food at the state expense was adopted when the country had the hardest time due to the harsh sanctions imposed by the hostile forces, extreme natural disasters and the world public health crisis and is strenuously being implemented.

Thanks to the warm loving care of the Workers' Party of Korea and the state whose philosophy is that there may be orphans, but there should be no parentless children, baby homes, orphanages and schools for orphans have been built in different parts of the country and all things needed for bringing them up healthily with nothing to envy are fully provided by the state.

That's why the Korean children grow up vigorously to become pillars of a prosperous Korea, singing the song We Are the Happiest in the World.


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