International effort for environmental protection and economic growth

February 19, 2023

With the protection of ecological environment being highlighted as a pressing and vital issue that brooks no further delay, there are increasing signs of positive international moves towards the protection of ecological environment of the earth and sustainable economic growth.

South Africa directs efforts to increasing power production by using renewables.

At present, the country pushes ahead with the legislation of a new law designed to boost the output of energy. On January 27, the spokesman for the state energy crisis management committee under the direct control of the Presidential office said a new draft law and regulations were completed to cope with electric power crisis, including the reconstruction and scrapping of aged thermal power stations and rapid development of green hydrogen, solar and wind power and other renewables.

Saying that the efforts to end the power blackout have been delayed, he noted that the new law would help overcome such tendencies and push the effective implementation of the government measures to solve the electricity shortage.

Singapore opened the first glass recycling factory in the country for collecting and reusing glass waste.

It is expected to collect and recycle large quantities of used glass from a waste dump which is estimated to be full to the brim by 2035.

Hosting the inaugural ceremony of the factory, the sustainability and environment minister said that it plans to recycle about 3 500 tons of glass waste till March 2024 after starting operation and 80 percent of the disposed waste would be converted into abrasive. The remaining 20 percent of glass dust will not be wasted, but be used for making bricks and other building materials, he added.

In Bangladesh a 60 000kW-capacity wind power station is expected to be completed in June this year as part of its programme for increasing the production of renewable energy that does not inflict damage on the environment. The government reportedly plans to add more turbines to the power station to expand its capacity to 120 000kW.

Kenya pays special attention to the protection of ecological environment. The Kenyan President takes the lead in the tree-planting campaign. He planted 56 trees on his 56th birthday last year. With this as a momentum, birthday celebration tree planting ceremony has become commonplace, resulting in the planting of over 560 000 trees across the country.

The mayor of Nairobi reportedly planted 38 trees in the central park to celebrate his 38th birthday.

On February 3, the Kenyan President said the Nairobi greening project would be launched in March and young people would be fully involved in it. The project is aimed not only at creating jobs for young people but also saving the country from climate change, he noted.

According to the project, over 10 000 young people will be mobilized to plant 11 million trees in Nairobi in the coming five years.


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