Society where women are stripped of basic rights

January 13, 2023

Women are being deprived of their elementary rights in Japanese society where money is everything.

At present, hundreds of thousands of foreign women are toiling and moiling in Japan, under the threat of employers that they would fire them if they are pregnant.

The Japanese immigration control office announced its first survey result on December 23 last year, revealing that 26.5% of technical trainees heard impertinent remarks on pregnancy and childbirth from Japanese businesses and a supervisory unit, including the one that they would be sacked when pregnant.

A Filipino woman who had been a trainee at a special old people’s home in Fukuoka Prefecture sued the facility for damages, saying that she had been forced to quit the job and return to her country last October for no other reason than that she was pregnant.

It is the common mentality of Japanese employers addicted to mammonism that their companies alone will suffer a loss if a woman employee gets pregnant since her productivity might drop and a subsidy should be paid as much.

This shows that women are regarded as nothing more than a tool for producing material wealth, not human beings, in Japanese society.

That’s why numerous women give up pregnancy and some women commit such an unethical act of abandoning their babies lest they should be dismissed.

In 2020, a foreign trainee abandoned her twin babies to conceal her pregnancy and childbirth in order to keep receiving practical training.

According to a report on women’s status published by the World Economic Forum in 2022, Japan took the 116th place among the forum’s 146 members, a record low, and 139th in the political field.

As facts and figures show, the mental and moral corruption in Japan which often touts human rights, equality and welfare is obtrusive even in the capitalist world.

It is just the tragic human rights situation of present Japanese society that women suffer a terrible fate being deprived of even their vital rights.


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