Gifts associated with sincerity of world people

September 4, 2022

Wooden sculpture “The great Juche idea brightens the whole world”

Wooden sculpture “The great Juche idea brightens the whole world” is a gift the Sudanese group for the study of Kimilsungism presented to President Kim Il Sung in April 1972.

The group members purchased a 500-year-old tree, ivory, a specialty of Sudan, and shells of the Red Sea to make the gift in eight months.

They engraved the upper part of the sculpture with the word “Juche” and brilliant rays using ivory pieces in the meaning that the immortal Juche idea founded by the President brightens the whole world and embossed its centre with a pattern of the earth with a map of Korea inscribed on it and with patterns of six flying flags carved in relief over the earth to represent the world-historic significance and great vitality of the Juche idea.

Damascus sword

It is a gift the president of the Syrian Arab Republic presented to Chairman Kim Jong Il in December 2006.

The Damascus sword has long been a symbol of historic commendation and estimation awarded to generals who distinguished themselves in battles for defending the country from foreign invasion and of patriotism and self-sacrificing struggle to realize aspirations of humankind.

Especially, the sword is regarded as masterpiece of the handicraft industry in the Arab world and pride of the Syrian people as it is made of materials unchangeable in properties even with the passage of several hundred years and is imposing and perfect in terms of formative arts.

The surface of its sheath made of gold and silver is decorated with traditional Islamic patterns inscribed with gold and silver threads.

Porcelain vase

It is a gift a delegation from the public security bureau of Jilin City in Jilin Province, China, presented to General Secretary Kim Jong Un in May 2011.

Senior officials of the public security bureau, who were to visit the DPRK, decided to present a gift to him out of their boundless reverence for him and exceptionally ordered the gift from a professional organ.

The crimson porcelain vase with a history of over 1 700 years is said to be an artefact of value as national treasure to be presented only to high personages from ancient times.

The delegation made sure that the vase was represented with peony blossoms loved by the Chinese people, three butterflies flying toward them and six birds sitting on branches of the flowering plant to represent their conviction that the Korean people would build a powerful socialist country without fail under the wise leadership of the General Secretary and their wishes for his good health.


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