Wonderful, appealing treatment effects

January 29, 2023

Every visitor to the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort is overwhelmed by its unique charm.

It has much more than what a common spa resort can offer, including hot spring baths in a forest of snow-capped pines, curative hot springs for various purposes and refreshing downhill skiing.

With a combination of multiple factors suitable for natural treatment, its topographical features and natural environment are appropriate for hot spring baths. 

The resort has three spring areas. 

It is located in a pine-covered valley in a low hilly area, an ideal place for natural treatment. 

Yangdok hot spring evenly contains various substances which are required to promote metabolism. 

It is rich in sulphur content and extremely small in radon. Main components of the weak alkaline water are simple silica, sulphur and fluorine which have strong pharmaceutical and treatment effects.

Also, it is free from such contaminants as ammonium, nitrous acid, nitric acid ion and pathogenic microorganisms. 

In a word, the spring water’s special charm is in the harmonious content of substances needed for boosting metabolism like fluorine and sulphur.

The water has miraculous therapeutic efficacy.

First of all, it is remarkably effective against eczema, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, arthritis, muscular and osseous diseases and neuralgia.

It also has antibiotic and anticancer effects and helps improve blood circulation and promote absorption and elimination of inflammatory products. 

A hot spring bath at the spa can raise the saccharine steroid hormone content of blood among rheumatic hamathritis patients.

“I received different kinds of treatment for arthritis but none of them was particularly effective. Then, my disease took a favourable turn after hot spring treatment here. The Yangdok Hot Spring Resort is really the best,” said a war veteran living in Sinwon County, South Hwanghae Province. 

The hot spring water prevents osteoporosis by checking calcium from flowing out of the bones, accelerates growth and development of human body and also prevents arteriosclerosis.

A tepid bath in the spa or drinking the hot spring water can reduce the blood sugar content by promoting secretion of insulin and improve the recovery rate of the autonomic nervous system and the anagenetic capabilities. 

It accelerates the regeneration process in case of neuralgic lesions and shortens the bone coalition process in fractures. 

Regular visitors to the resort are fully experiencing the marvellous treatment effects of the hot spring. 


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