Popular fitness centre

October 18, 2022

The Thongil Street Fitness Centre is a modern public service base built for physical training and promotion of people’s health.

Youth and students and working people build up their physical strength, do therapeutic exercises and enjoy cultural and emotional life at the centre equipped with various sports apparatuses and treatment facilities.

“Since it was inaugurated on October 16 2012 the centre has served Pyongyang citizens as an enjoyable space inseparable from their life,” said Pak Yun Mi, chief of the service department.

In the fitness hall on the ground floor there are dozens of kinds of sports equipment including those for running, cycling and arm and leg exercises. Here, customers are engrossed in physical training as they use facilities appropriate to their constitutions and ages.

“As I have become attached to the physical training facilities of this centre, I have become a kind of sports master at my factory. Now it is my habit to visit the centre overflowing with strength, passion and optimism of life after a day’s work,” said Ri Myong Chol, worker of the Pyongyang Textile Machine Factory.

Two fitness halls on the first floor are equipped with various pieces of sports equipment including horizontal and vertical cycling facilities and comprehensive exercise apparatuses for women. Particularly, several recuperative rooms are their favourite haunt.

In these rooms women receive different services including beauty treatment and massage. According to Pak Yun Mi, special services are provided for women on such holidays as March 8 International Women’s Day and July 30, the anniversary of the promulgation of the Law on Sex Equality.

The fitness hall on the second floor is furnished with comprehensive apparatuses for such exercises as rowing, running and vibration. Ri Kwang Chol, employee of the centre, said that the butterfly chest-muscle training apparatus seen by General Secretary Kim Jong Un is popular among young men.

The table-tennis hall capable of accommodating dozens of players at a time always bustles with visitors as it is a scene of matches never inferior to professionals’.

The water ultrasonic hall on the ground floor also attracts many.

Equipped with dry and wet saunas, ultrasonic water jets and high-pressure water showers, it relieves working people of fatigue from a day’s work to bring them joy and laughter.

“Our fitness centre has a daily accommodation capacity of about 1 000 visitors. It gains growing popularity as a public service base contributing to the improvement of health of the people,” said director Kim Hye Sun.


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