Night-time joy overflows through islet

September 21, 2022

Rungna Islet looks even more beautiful at night with splendid illuminations.

After lots of fun at the Rungna Dolphinarium, Minigolf Course, hall of laughter, mirror cage and 4-D cinema, the amusement facilities in the funfair bring the greatest delight to the visitors.

The facilities dotted with decorative lights, buildings glistening with brilliant lights and beautiful lamps brightening the whole park are enough to bring excitement to visitors.

Attracted by the fancy view, passers-by walking on the bridge that goes over the islet stop to feel the unearthly thrill.

Multitudes of people throng around amusement facilities to ride them before others and some wander about the park as they have not chosen which one to ride first. In the meantime, the machines rise up to the sky exciting the riders and filling the whole atmosphere with sounds of cheers and laughter.

The first thing that comes into visitors’ sight as they enter the fair is the Vertical Swing, which is the favourite of young men who want to show off their courage.

The swing ride makes people feel like fairies in the heaven.

Those who have ridden it say that if you want to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Rungna People’s Recreation Ground, the Vertical Swing is the one to go for.

On the left side of the fair is the Energy Storm which gives you a stirring of delight as if you are engulfed in a whirlwind to fly through the sky.

As the machine turns round, riders experience a fantastic sensation that stars are coming down from space right before their eyes.

They also experience some palm-sweating moments on the Hawk, Sky Drop, Zodiac and Wind Shear that shoot up and down repeatedly.

The most popular of them is the Hawk.

Like a wild hawk swooping and soaring, it runs at full speed as if to throw riders away into the Taedong River or hangs in the air for some time. Looking up at the riders who cannot help crying out in the air as they are unable to suppress their joy and exhilaration, bystanders on the ground are gripped by the same mood.

The machine that gives giddy excitement and momentary thrill is said to be the best for relieving fatigue caused by hard work.

The Wind Shear is second to none in making riders swoon and shriek.

It turns round in an instant reversing land and sky for the riders or stops suddenly to suspend them in midair, which is why many say that you would certainly regret if you missed the ride in the park.

Various kinds of public service amenities in the fair are always crowded.

Taking quick bites of delicious foods and drinking soft drinks, people are absorbed in small talks about their exciting rides.

Indeed, Rungna Islet at night brims over with laughter and fascination.


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