Recreation ground on islet

September 20, 2022

Rungna Islet is situated on the Taedong River which meanders through the middle of Pyongyang.

It has been known from olden times to have beautiful scenery with branches of willows drooping on the river water like silk rolls spread on gem-like clear water, hence the name Rungna.

The Rungna People’s Recreation Ground was built on this beautiful island some 10 years ago.

It consists of a dolphinarium, water park, funfair and minigolf course.

The Rungna dolphinarium, incorporating formative and artistic features perfectly in architectural style, has performance and auxiliary tanks along with different service facilities.

Dolphins perform various stunts such as dancing in rotation to the tune of light music, swimming backward, jumping out, touching a ball in the air, group jumping, cleaving through waves and whirling rings.

The sci-tech knowledge learning space where visitors feel like they are under the ocean gives them broad knowledge about the sea world and common knowledge about many sea animals.

The Rungna Water Park has a clean and cool atmosphere with all facilities and environment built in good harmony with an attractive colour combination of white, blue and green.

Water slides with tracks in different shapes, a shower bath site, a wading pool with ultrasonic wave generators, a diving tower, courts for basketball, volleyball and beach volleyball and snack bars are well arranged in a harmonious balance.

The funfair covers the largest area in the recreation ground.

Divided into two sections, the funfair is equipped with advanced amusement facilities, service facilities and various places for recreation.

The Minigolf Course is built to blend in well with the natural landscape of the islet.

It has dozens of golf panels in various shapes and gives a refreshing feeling to visitors as it is surrounded by thick woods.

Many working people come to the Rungna People’s Recreation Ground every day and have a fun, pleasant evening.


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