Mt Ryongak one of celebrated mountains in Pyongyang

February 12, 2023

Among celebrated mountains in Pyongyang is Mt Ryongak situated in Mangyongdae District. 

The  name  of  Mt  Ryongak  is  derived  from  the  shape  of  its  summit  which looks like a dragon about to soar into the air.

Climbers cannot repress their admiration for rocks and cliffs of fantastic shape in the mountain and its beautiful geographical features. Halfway up the mountain is a crystal-clear spring gushing out from a crevice of a rock. The mountain is home to hundreds of species of plants including such living monuments as Ryongaksan zelkova.

Tae Peak of the mountain commands a bird’s eye view of Pyongyang and the countryside around the city.

The mountain also boasts such historical sites as the Pobun Hermitage and Ryonggok Confucian School.  


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