Yaksandongdae, scenic spot in Korea

January 21, 2023

Since ancient times Yaksandongdae, a mountain in Nyongbyon County, North Phyongan Province, has been well known as a spot with beautiful scenery and fine view.

The word “Yaksan” means in English a mountain that abounds in rare medicinal herbs and well-known mineral waters.

The word “dongdae” means a pavilion highly rising in the east.

Yaksandongdae is not steep but boasts beautiful scenery characterized by peaks and rocks of fantastic shape, thick forests and various flowers blooming according to seasons.

In particular, the scenery of Yaksandongdae in spring is really beautiful as the whole mountain is tinted with light pink of azalea blossoms. 

And its thick foliage in summer, crimson foliage in autumn and snow scenes in winter always fascinate the beholders.

Places of superb scenic beauty in Yaksandongdae include Jeil Peak, Tongdae and Hakpyoru.

Jeil Peak is the highest peak in Yaksandongdae and serves as a good observatory.

The peak that looks like a straw hat overlooks the Kuryong River curving around Yaksandongdae and Chongchon and Taeryong rivers flowing leisurely to the West Sea of Korea afar.

And to the east it commands a distant view of the majestic appearance of Mt Ryongmun renowned in North Phyongan Province.

Tongdae adjacent to Jeil Peak has Turtle Rock and many other unusually white and clean rocks sticking out of the ground.

In particular, Turtle Rock draws the admiration of viewers.

Hakpyoru, a peak rising on the northern tip of Yaksandongdae with a cliff in between, is famous for mysteriously-shaped cliffs and rocks.

Yaksandongdae, widely known along with the song Ballad of Phyongbuk Nyongbyon, has many historical sites and relics, including the old buildings of Chonju and Soun temples which testify to the creative ability and artistic skills of Korean ancestors.


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