Celebrated mountain of Paektu

January 20, 2023

The highest mountain in Korea, Mt Paektu is the most celebrated mountain with superb scenic beauty. 

The spectacular sunrise on Mt Paektu is counted first among myriads of scenes of the mountain. 

The sunrise, which attains the highest perfection of wonder, gracefulness and solemnity and stirs up red, intense feelings, presents an ever-changing spectacular sight as it exudes multifarious flavours and feelings according to seasons, weather and places.

The appearance of peaks on Mt Paektu is also majestic. 

The mountain comprises 216 peaks with Janggun, Hyangdo and Haeppal peaks as the main ones. The natural wonders of high and low peaks of steep cliffs forming a folding screen are called myriad-shaped peaks of Mt Paektu for the varied shaped. 

The blizzards of Mt Paektu that make kaleidoscopic changes enable visitors to experience the real taste and charm of the mountain. 

The raging snowstorm is accompanied by biting blizzards which cut flesh like knife. When strong winds blow in winter, even dozens-of-metre-deep snow piled up on ridges and in valleys are blown to forests.

 When you look about Mt Paektu from the ridge of the highest peak of Janggun, you can feast your eyes on the mountains surrounding Lake Chon like a folding screen, mountain ranges and valleys stretching endlessly and beautiful and mysterious clouds.  

Lake Chon on Mt Paektu is very thrilling and graceful to see. Chars swarm in the water and myriads of shapes of the peaks are reflected on its blue surface.  The natural wonders of kaleidoscopic changes are created by weather peculiar to the mountain, drawing the admiration of people. 

Rhododendron also adds beauty to the scenery of Mt Paektu. 

The beautiful and very viable plant grows in such high and cold zones as Mt Paektu. In particular, it blossoms even in snow.  

Indeed, Mt Paektu is the most celebrated mountain in the world for the magnificence, sublimity, mystery and exquisiteness.

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