Mt Chilbo

November 25, 2022

Mt Chilbo forms a magnificent, curious and distinctive natural environment.

Embracing several county areas in North Hamgyong Province, the mountain presents beautiful scenery in all seasons with its high and low mountain ranges being covered by thick forests, deep and narrow ravines, crystal-clear water which is following through valleys, spectacular waterfalls and pools, fantastic shapes of coastal cliffs and rocky islets.

It was named Chilbo in a sense that it has seven precious treasures.

It has diverse flora.

Many plant species including those growing on the northern highland and in the southern region of the country are found in the mountain and among them there are so many medicinal herbs.

In particular, songi mushroom growing in the mountain in large numbers is counted as best for its unique taste and fragrance.

Many wild animal species nestle in the mountain, including bear, roe deer, raccoon dog and badger, as well as birds such as eagle owl, thrush, gray starling and oriole. Marine resources are also abundant in the sea off Pochon of Sea Chilbo.


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