Mt Myohyang

November 22, 2022

Mt Myohyang is noted for its fantastic and magnificent scenery.

The mountain was named thus in a sense that it is a beautiful mountain mysterious in shape and filled with fragrance.

It is a combination of natural scenic spots encompassing a vast area with Piro Peak rising on Hyangsan County in North Phyongan Province, Nyongwon County in South Phyongan Province and Huichon in Jagang Province, boundaries of the three provinces, as its main peak. 

It boasts a conspicuous view of magnificent peaks of fantastic shapes, miraculous rocks, deep valleys, precipitous cliffs, crystal-clear water, many waterfalls and thick forests going well with one another.

It also has many archaeological sites and remains testifying to the long history and time-honoured culture of the Korean nation and creative talents of the Korean people, including ancient buildings, sculptures, pagodas, stone monuments, pictures, artefacts and relics of printing culture. 

Typical are the Pohyon Temple, a Buddhist temple representing architecture of Korea in the 11th century, the 80 000 Blocks of the Complete Collection of Buddhist Scriptures that show the extent to which the then printing technology developed and octagonal 13-storey and rectangular nine-storey pagodas representative of the nation’s stone architecture in the middle ages. 

The Mt Myohyang area is free from strong wind and its climate is relatively mild as it is surrounded by high mountains, so it is rich in varieties of plants ranging from those on lowlands to those on uplands. And there are primeval forests well preserved in different parts of the mountain.

It also boasts the International Friendship Exhibition House where there are on display gifts presented to President Kim Il Sung, Chairman Kim Jong Il and the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un by many party and state leaders and figures of all circles across the world.


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