Korea blessed with scenic spots

November 19, 2022

Korea boasts numerous scenic spots across the land.

It has many celebrated mountains as most of its territory consists of mountains. 

On the northern frontier of the land rises Mt Paektu, the ancestral mountain of the Korean nation, from which adjoining mountains stretch down southward, forming a great mountain range. Among the mountains are the world-famous Kumgang Mountains and Mt Chilbo, Mt Myohyang and other celebrated mountains, all of which are characterized by distinctive natural beauties of peaks and gorges.

Korea is also famous for its beautiful seaside scenery as it is bounded by sea on three sides.

Exemplary are Songdowon and Myongsasipri  as distinguished scenic spots on the east coast of Korea and the West Sea Barrage built by damming the eight-kilometre-long expanse of sea and Ryongsupho on the west coast of Korea.

Besides, Korea has many riverside scenic spots, renowned waterfalls, large and small islands and deep valleys. 

Local underground beauty spots are also spectacular, including the Ryongmun Cavern and the Songam Cave which draw admiration of the visitors as they can see all kinds of scenery in the magnificent and gorgeous caves.  


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