Landscape of Mt Chilbo in winter

January 18, 2023

A world of snow has unfolded in Mt Chilbo, one of the six celebrated mountains of Korea.

Inner Chilbo, Outer Chilbo and Sea Chilbo have unveiled spectacular sights with their magnificent, curious and fascinating mountains, valleys and seashore covered with clean white snow.

Mt Chilbo occupies several hundred square kilometres of the area encompassing Myongchon, Hwadae and Myonggan counties and part of Orang County in North Hamgyong Province. It has different names according to seasons and is called Solbaeksan (snow-white mountain) in winter.

Sungson Rock, which carries a legend that fairies flew to Heaven from the rock, commands a bird’s eye-view of the east and northwest of Kumgang Valley. In winter snow-covered rocks of various shapes offer wonderful views. You can see scenic spots of Inner Chilbo nearby, such as Mansa, Chonbul and Jonggak peaks and a monkey-shaped rock, and mountain ranges of Outer Chilbo standing like a white folding screen afar.

Snow-covered Mujigae (rainbow) Rock standing with one of its feet anchored on a mountain slope and the other in the sea is also impressive as a noted scene in Sea Chilbo, quite distinct from its summer view.

Pine trees covered with snow are also seen on top of rocks of fantastic shape, halfway up precipices and in the cracks of rocks, adding beauty to the winter scenery of the celebrated mountain.


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