Mt Kumgang

November 21, 2022

Mt Kumgang stands in the middle part of the Great Paektu Mountains, covering the wide area of Kosong and Kumgang counties in Kangwon Province and part of Thongchon County in the province. It is one of the six celebrated mountains in Korea.

The mountain is an aggregate of scenic attractions incorporating all beauties of mountain, valley, lake, sea and seashore.

It is always spectacular as high jagged peaks of interesting shapes blend in well with various shapes and colours of fantastic rocks, huge cliffs, deep gorges, innumerous pools and ponds, waterfalls and thick foliage. 

Hence such sayings as “The mountain seems to have all superb scenes as stones do tens of thousands of tricks, water does thousands of cute things and trees are admirable” and  “Do not talk about scenic beauty before seeing Mt Kumgang.”

The Mt Kumgang area with unique physiographical conditions has over 1 200 species of plants and more than 250 species of vertebrate animals.

It is rich in historical sites and relics which testify to the resourcefulness and talents of the Korean people, ranging from old tombs in the early days of class society to the mountain fort, buildings, towers, monuments, Buddhist sculptures and metal and wooden craftworks in the Middle Ages.

It also boasts rare and valuable animals and plants, which are registered as national living monuments as they are of great academic significance and add to its scenic beauty, and rocks of fantastic shapes, natural caves, waterfalls, hot spring and lakes. 


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