Beautiful mountain rich in balneotherapeutic resources

November 20, 2022

Mt Chilbo stands on the seashore of North Hamgyong Province.

Breathtaking sights are everywhere to enhance the beauty of the mountain, including mountain ranges covered in dense forests, narrow and long valleys, curious-looking peaks, impressive waterfalls producing resounding sound through the valleys and coastal cliffs.

This gorgeous mountain is also blessed with natural treatment resources which grace the scenic attraction.

In particular, its mineral spring resource draws the interest of experts as they are distinctive in different aspects like distribution and component.

“It is a remarkable achievement our institute has recently made that it newly discovered mineral springs in and around Mt Chilbo and ascertained their characteristics,” said Ri Hye Gyong, directress of the natural treatment research institute of the Ministry of Public Health.

The research group from the institute found out nearly 30 mineral springs in the area.

According to them, it means the mountain has the largest number of mineral springs per unit area in Korea in the light of their distribution.

They also demonstrated that the mineral springs there are distributed according to different climatic zones such as flatland, mountain and seashore climates and that they are usefully distributed in view of such human geographical conditions as city and fishing and agrarian villages.

The mineral springs in the area have a series of special features in physical property and the content of basic chemical component. The researchers say that most of the springs are of a bicarbonate type whose total mineral matter amounts to over 1 gram per litre and that there are also simple mineral springs whose total sulphur exceeds the minimum as spa.

The mineral spring resource in the area enabled them to ascertain afresh the taxonomic characteristics of the springs, said Ri Hye Gyong.

Based on the newly discovered mineral spring resource, they defined afresh the category of bicarbonate hot spring and determined for the first time the springs of sulphur bicarbonate, simple sulphur, silica bicarbonate, simple silica, fluorine bicarbonate and simple fluorine.

“We are struck with admiration at the beauty of Mt Chilbo and its incomparable value as we deepen the survey of the mountain. Though ancestors named the mountain by comparing it to seven kinds of treasures, I think it actually contains over seventy, nay, seven hundred kinds of treasures,” Ri claimed.


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