Chongsokjong, scenic attraction on the east coast of Korea

November 9, 2022

Situated on the seashore of Thongchon county town in Kangwon Province, Chongsokjong has long been famous as a coastal scenic spot for its cliffs and rocks of fantastic shapes.

All the angled stone pillars standing along the seashore are of rare shapes.

The stone pillars are in different postures: the standing are called ripchong, the sitting jwachong and the lying wachong.

Wonderful are the shapes of the stone pillars standing in groups or separately in the crystal-clear seawater.

A legend has it that in ancient times competent stonemasons erected the stone pillars in bundles or groups of a few with great efforts for a long time.

There are also Sason Peak where four spirits, it is said, enjoyed themselves once upon a time, Pubu (couple) Rock, Kobuk (turtle) Rock and other rocks of different shapes.

The sunrise on Chongsokjong and its nocturnal view are particularly enchanting.

Various kinds of birds fly to their nests on the cliffs, pines grow in thick verdure between rocks all the year round, unaffected by snow and frost and the strong sea wind and the surging waves hit the stone pillars, sending up spectacular spray, thus adding to the landscape of Chongsokjong.

The Chongsokjong area serves as a tourist and holiday resort.


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