Pyongyang in autumn

November 6, 2022

The streets of Pyongyang covered with green foliage are turning golden brown, and there is a suggestion of autumn in the wind penetrating through the collar. 

Notable are people briskly walking along the streets, relishing the autumnal scenery of the city. 

People look quite pleased to see golden ginkgo trees adorning Chollima Street. 

Only red-tinged foliage does not decorate the city in autumn.

Metasequoia lining Ryomyong Street still remain green, making people walking along it feel fresher in their mind.

Spectacular are the autumn landscapes of scenic spots in the city.

Moran Hill, which Koreans have long loved as it is wonderful and distinctive like a peony in appearance, looks like as a beautiful picture in the season. 

The Taedong riverside scenery in autumn is also notable.

The blue water of the river flowing through the city and the surrounding autumn-tinted trees add features to the scenery.

That is not all. Roast chestnut and sweet potato kiosks across the city emit the tantalizing aromas of roast chestnuts and sweet potatoes, attracting passers-by and those who have bought packets of them eat them with relish, blowing on them to cool them. It also adds to the mood of the season.

Widely known among the Korean people is the old story that a famous poet in the period of Koryo (918-1392) held his brush to write a poem about the beauty of Pyongyang only to break its handle, lamenting that his talent was so poor. 

At present many artists try to make up for what the poet of the story failed to do, but the autumnal scenery of the city continues to become more and more beautiful along with ever-increasing wonderful new streets and modern buildings and people’s happy laughter from the places. 


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