Sinphyong Kumgang boasts distinctive beauty of valleys

October 28, 2022

Sinphyong Kumgang has long been called Tohwa Valley which means that it is a beautiful valley covered with peach blossoms.

But people were indifferent to the valley as it is nestled deep in a high and steep mountain.

The valley is now widely known as Sinphyong Kumgang.

The beauty of Sinphyong Kumgang is that of valleys.

Sinphyong Kumgang is different from other scenic spots since the narrow valley represents fresh and enchanting, remarkable landscape.

Especially, the scene of clear water flowing harmoniously through gorges all the year round is rare to be seen elsewhere.

Various landscapes, scenic spots and waterfalls and pools different in size and shape stretching in eight gorges, including Jinju, Kumgang, Jangsubong and Okryudong gorges, and terraced forests surrounding cliffs add to the beauty of valleys.


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