Kuryong Falls in Mt Kumgang

October 5, 2022

In Mt Kumgang with superb scenery there is Kuryong Falls, a natural monument of Korea.

Located in the Kuryongyon District of Outer Kumgang in the mountain, the waterfall is one of the three famous falls in Korea–the two others are Taesung Falls in Mt Sorak and Pagyon Falls in Kaesong.

Kuryong Falls whose water as clear as crystal falls constantly are magnificent, spectacular and beautiful.

The water that falls from a hollow of a precipitous rocky cliff, raising spray, looks like an unfolded roll of white silk and the appearance of the waterfall shaking the valley is very splendid and invigorating.

Beneath the falls there is Kuryong Pool in the shape of a big stone mortar made by the strength of the falling water.

Legend has it that nine dragons defending Mt Kumgang lived in the pool in olden times.

Hence the names of Kuryong Falls and Kuryong Pool.

The magnificent and fascinating falls seem more mysterious along with various legends that came into being through ages.

Above the falls there are Upper Eight Pools associated with the legend that eight fairies from heaven used to have a bath in the pools before returning to heaven.

On the opposite side of the falls there stands the beautiful Kuryong Pavilion which serves as a resting place for sightseers.


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