Floating in the water

June 10, 2019

It is the tourist season and the Yanggakdo International Hotel is full of foreign tourists every day.

The hotel is located in the middle of the Taedong River, which flows gently through the centre of Pyongyang.

Picturesque are the landscape along the Teadong River and the surroundings in which modern apartment buildings spring up one after another. Especially, the silver-white triangular hotel building which looks like a big jewel stuck into the river catches the eyes of viewers as a spectacular beauty.

“Many foreigners are eager to know the reality of our country and life of our people. The reality of our country, which steps up the building of a socialist power in a dignified manner even in the face of extreme sanctions, is acting like a magnet, drawing many visitors to the country,” said Kim Jong Ok, a hotel employee.

The 47-storeyed hotel has over 1 000 suites including super deluxe suites, deluxe suites, premium rooms and standard rooms.

Comprehensive welfare service facilities are available on the ground floor including barber shop, beauty salon, massage room, karaoke room, wading pool, bowling alley and billiard room.

On the first floor there is a 800-seat banquet hall, which can be reduced in size for a small party by putting up large partitions.

Visitors can enjoy good service according to their taste and wish at the Korean, western, Chinese and buffet restaurants.

Most attractive is the revolving restaurant on top of the hotel.

“It is well over 170 metres high from the water surface to the revolving restaurant. It has a bird’s-eye view over Pyongyang and offers excellent Korean cuisine. It will be the most impressive experience for visitors during their Pyongyang tour. So we put our heart and soul into service and cooking with special care and make every effort to add something more of our own,” said Kim Thae Bok, top chef of the restaurant.

The hotel is also furnished with a round conference hall with simultaneous interpretation rooms for international meetings and an interview room, international post and communications office, business service room and other facilities.

It has offered good services to the participants in international festivals including the April Spring Friendship Art Festival and Pyongyang International Film Festival since the Pyongyang international sports and cultural festival for peace in 1995, winning growing popularity among foreign tourists.

The Russian Moiseyev State Folk Dance Troupe, which visited Pyongyang several times under the special care of Chairman Kim Jong Il, stayed at the hotel and the New York Philharmonic also stayed here when it visited the DPRK in 2008 as the first American music delegation.

The lobby on the ground floor was renovated in the beginning of the year to add modern beauty to the hotel.

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