Kind, efficient service draws many regulars in peak season

August 6, 2019

The Pothonggang Hotel is located on the banks of the Pothong River in Pyongyang.

Not far from downtown Pyongyang, the hotel is surrounded by bright foliage and tranquil shores of the river.

The hotel commands a lovely view of the river with yachts and boats cutting their way through waves as well as an expansive view of Pyongyang Municipal Sports Village situated across the river. Thick forests and the Ansan Bridge are seen from the other side of the hotel.

The nine-storey building is not so tall but looks cosy for the distinctive architectural and decorative style.

“We have always many guests and most of them are regulars,” said Kim Yong Il, head of the reception department, who has been working there for over 40 years. “Many of them are Europeans and Japanese.”

The hotel provides all conveniences for the guests.

Though it is now the hottest period of summer with the temperature creeping up to above 35 degrees Celsius outside, the hotelmaintains the internal temperature at 22 degrees.

It has more than 160 guest rooms including VIP and deluxe suites and premium rooms, a banquet hall, dining hall, karaoke lounge, rooms for billiards and table tennis and an outdoor tennis court.

“Many guests love to dine in our restaurant,” said Ri To Suk, manager of the Mokran restaurant. “We serve Korean dishes like Pyongyang cold noodles and Taedonggang grey mullet soup, and Western dishes that are made to original recipes.”

This year, the restaurant prepared parties ordered by British, Romanian and Bulgarian embassies and French cooperation office, and they lavished praise on the culinary skills of the restaurant’s chefs.

The “perfect service”, as guests put it, is a fine tradition of the hotel.

“Most of the staff have been working here since the inauguration of the hotel and nearly half of them have excellent techniques and skills in service,” said Hwang Chol Jin, member of the reception department. “The hotel’s business strategy of constantly improving quality of service is virtually implemented by them.”


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