Ex-footballer develops multifunctional remote measuring device

January 25, 2023

A multifunctional remote measuring instrument won first prize at the 24th national sports sci-tech achievements exhibition which was held in October last year in the way of virtual exhibition since it can correctly assess the physical conditions of players. A certificate of sci-tech achievement was conferred on Merited Athlete Pak Kyong Sun, section chief of the Rimyongsu Sports Club, who exhibited it. 

Pak is a meritorious athlete who exalted the honour of the DPRK at different international women’s soccer tournaments while being active as a forward of the national team in the 2000s.

When she graduated from Korea University of Physical Education with top honours, many well-wishers advised her to become a football coach, but she opted to work as a researcher.

After becoming a researcher of the Rimyongsu Sports Club, where she spent her playing career, she presented several scientific training methods according to events and she set an example as a scientific guidance official in improving the abilities of coaches.

She once saw an imported wrist remote pulsimeter. After applying it to players, she realized that it was impossible to know the maximum burden on players and that it woefully lacked analysis indicators as a device for players.  

She intensified her research after coming up with an idea of multifunctional remote measuring device which can estimate the physical conditions of players in different aspects. 

She succeeded in completing the instrument in collaboration with experts, while focusing on showing the physical conditions of players in real time numerically and giving practical help to the training guidance of coaches.

When a player trains wearing it, different indicators including pulsation, heat consumption, electrocardiogram, blood pressure, stress and the consumption of calorie are transmitted to the smart phone of his coach. 

The coach can have a better understanding of his physical conditions through the smart phone and apply various training methods accordingly.

Experts say that many devices for measuring the physical conditions of players have so far been developed, but the multifunctional remote measuring instrument is more practical as it has very high precision and the manufacturing cost is only one-fourth of the imported wrist remote pulsimeter.

“Thanks to the introduction of this measuring device, the scientific level of training has been improved as well as the physical conditions and match results of players,” said football coach Pak Song Chol.

It is said that the instrument is popular among athletes and other people.


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