Ability cultivated with high responsibility

August 14, 2022

Kim Myong Sun, woman football player of the April 25 Sports Club, was selected as one of the DPRK’s top ten players of 2021.

Last year, she contributed as a reliable keeper of the April 25 Sports Club to winning respectively the women’s first-division football tournament of the Mangyongdae Prize Games in celebration of the Day of the Sun, the 2020-2021 DPRK women’s premier league and the women’s football all-star tournament.

Hailing from Jungsan County of South Phyongan Province, she started football comparably later than other players.

However, she made up for her shortcomings and lateness with painstaking efforts in a short time.

She had favourable physical ability, but was not quick in movements. She increased the absolute training amount while directing efforts to improving flexibility, jump and reaction speed.

When Myong Sun was advised to take rest, she used to say that forward or back has an opportunity to retrieve mistakes, but her mistake leads to defeat, her companions recalled.

Such responsibility and efforts made it possible for her to become a good goalkeeper.

She stopped the balls which would lead to her team’s loss in the games with correct judgment, fast decision-making and nimble and quick movements in a responsible manner so as to contribute to her team winning the FIFA U20 women’s World Cup in 2016, EAFF E-1 Football Championship in 2017, the Cyprus Women’s Cup in 2019, women’s football game of the Seventh Military World Games and the 30th Summer Universiad.

In particular, she was awarded the best goalkeeper prize since she did not allow any goal in the EAFF E-1 Football Championship in 2017.

Merited Athlete Kim Myong Sun reliably defended the goal in domestic games held last year to make the April 25 Sports Club a team with the smallest number of goals allowed. In recognition of her services, she was awarded the top goalkeeper prize in the DPRK women’s premier league and selected as one of the top ten players in 2021.


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