Special ‘gold medal’ for coach

May 26, 2023

Tennis players of the Kigwancha Sports Club demonstrated their excellent ability at the youth-level tennis competition of the 2023 spring national sports festival held from April 13 to 15.

Song Sok Bin, tennis head coach of the Songaksan Sports Club, said, “As to the recent competition, it is correct to say it was marvellous rather than fierce. The players of the Kigwancha Sports Club were excellent.”

The public is of the opinion that the sports club has achieved much success in different tennis competitions in recent years and trained reliable reserve tennis players in particular.

In the recent competition where over 60 players competed, those of the club showed wonderful game play true to the expectations of tennis experts and fans.

The players won all medals in both male and female singles and female doubles and took the first and second places in male doubles.

U Hyok Chol, tennis coach of the club, said that the achievements are inconceivable apart from its tennis head coach Yun Kyong Hwan (pictured).

Six years ago, tennis of the club was relatively poor in terms of players, condition for training and technical level.

Yun Kyong Hwan, who had started to work as head coach at that time, regarded it as the focal point in improving the sport to raise the level of coaches and find out reserve players of suitable constitution.

Thanks to his constant thinking, progressive work style and power of tenacious execution, the ranks of players were built up in a short time and the condition and environment for training gradually improved.

Yun strictly demanded a system and order in instruction and training.

He said, “It is because laying a solid foundation is very important. Only when one has a solid foundation can one put one’s skills to better use in game. But I don’t insist on the classic method alone.”

As a result, female tennis players of the sports club won the event at the national championships last year and its young players won gold medals in a competition held in spring this year in the wake of last year.

As to the achievements in recent years, many people say, “A player’s achievement is the result of the coach’s ability and devotion.”

U Hyok Chol referred to the sincere opinion of the audience as special “gold medal” for the head coach.


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