Unrivaled perseverance pays off

March 16, 2023

Pang Chol Mi, a boxer of the Kumgangsan Sports Club and world and Asian champion, was selected as one of the top ten players of the DPRK for the third time in 2022. 

Pang began to learn boxing at Jongju City Extracurricular Juvenile Sports School where she trained intensely to master basic skills.

Her strong points are solid footing in the sport and perseverance, said her teammates.

From her childhood, she had always been absorbed in training to acquire great punching power with her eyes on the world boxing championship. During her playing career, she trained devotedly every day to defeat opponents with overwhelming technical superiority.

“She does not tolerate defeat in the training ground or in the ring. If she lost, she would fight again and again until she wins,” said her coach Pak Chol Jun.

She set a goal of defeating opponents with different physiques and conditions at training matches and, after a day’s training, would practise alone according to her own plan.

After cutting a conspicuous figure at national competitions, Pang won the first place in the women’s 51kg-category event of the Ulan Bator Cup International Boxing Tournament held in Mongolia in 2017.

She won titles in succession in the 51kg-category event of the World Women’s Boxing Championships in 2018 and in the women’s 51kg-category event of the Asian male and female boxing championships in 2019.

Taking a crack at a higher weight category in such events as boxing and wrestling requires something more than just determination and courage.

However, despite the concerns of some experts, Pang triumphed in the 57kg-category event of the National Championships in 2021 and in the 63kg-category event in 2022 astonishing both professionals and fans.

Her secret to success lies in her persistent effort, said the coach.


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