Married women win basketball match with can-do attitude

October 24, 2022

The women’s basketball team of the Phyongchon District general food store is comprised of married women.
It was nearly 10 years ago that they, beloved wives in families and kind servants in working places, started to learn basketball.
At that time, the district organized a basketball competition between units.
Although most of its employees were married women, they were neither afraid of nor gave up playing at the competition. Saying that though married they could play basketball and they had to train hard to win at any cost and bring honour to their unit, they encouraged themselves and did intensive basketball training in their leisure hours.
When their basketball team made their debut and defeated other teams in the competition, all the employees felt growing enthusiasm for basketball.
The team members who played matches and cheering employees were of like mind that they could win.
Greeted with the strong encouragement and rousing cheers of the employees, the team increased successes and its members redoubled efforts to improve their basketball techniques.
Their determined and concerted effort bore fruit. Finally, their team cut a conspicuous figure in the district and their store won the honour of a model sports unit.
In the course of it, the store employees have become united more closely and positively displayed admirable traits of helping and leading one another forward. 
As they work harder to perform their jobs, considerable achievements have been made in the supply of goods to residents.
“When I crack a long-distance shot in the match, I do not merely feel joy at scoring a point. Earning enthusiastic cheers and congratulatory applause is another joy. Each time, I have come to place greater trust in the collective and feel deeper attachment to my working place,” said an employee, Paek Sol Gyong.  
On holidays or rest days the store employees play various sports games including volleyball, table tennis and tug of war as well as basketball. 


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